Edo Bayashi ("festival music of Tokyo") is a suite of 5 pieces - Yatai, Shoden, Kamakura, Shichome, Yatai - that is heard during festivals especially relating to the Shinto Shrine. The music is wonderfully complex and sophisticated both rhythmically and melodically. World-renowned U.S. taiko artist Kenny Endo has termed Edo Bayashi and Edo Kotobuki Jishi ("lion dance of Tokyo") the jazz music of traditional Japan.

                                   SUZUKI KYOSUKE                                  EDO BAYASHI MASTER CLASSES


Tues, Aug 22@6-10 pm & Wed, Aug 23@6-10 pm

MacPhail Center for Music 501 S. Second St. Minneapolis

Participant or observer: $50/one evening only $80/both evenings

Contact Iris to register


Please be advised that these are not introductory classes. Participants (vs observers) should be able to play through all 5 pieces on at least one part (shime, odaiko, kane, fue) and are highly encouraged to have a working knowledge of all parts.

ensemble-MA gratefully acknowledges the following for their support!

Jennifer Cho

Mikki Connor

Andy Eng

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