Edo Bayashi ("festival music of Tokyo") is a suite of 5 pieces - Yatai, Shoden, Kamakura, Shichome, Yatai - that is heard during festivals especially relating to the Shinto Shrine. The music is wonderfully complex and sophisticated both rhythmically and melodically. World-renowned U.S. taiko artist Kenny Endo has termed Edo Bayashi and Edo Kotobuki Jishi ("lion dance of Tokyo") the jazz music of traditional Japan.

Suzuki Kyosuke is a master musician and dancer of the Wakayama Performance Troupe, touring internationally, and performing regularly at the prestigious National Theater of Japan. He collaborates regularly with world-renowned taiko groups including Oedo Sukeroku Taiko, Amanojaku, and the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble.

Suzuki is a premier performer and teacher of Edo Bayashi (Tokyo festival music), with a well-respected "Kyo-no-kai" school for private lessons. He also teaches at the Kunitachi College of Music, Kaijou Junior and Senior High Schools, and Sankei Gakuen Cultural Center.

Suzuki studied under Wakayama Taneo of the Wakayama School, recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Culture to be an “Important Intangible Cultural Property of Fine Arts,” learning all aspects of the shishi-mai ensemble including flute, taiko, percussion, and lion dance.

Edo Bayashi Lecture/Demonstration

Tues, Aug 22, 2017@ 6 pm

Antonello Hall

MacPhail Center for Music

501 S. Second St, Minneapolis

Free and open to the public; $10 suggested donation

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