ensemble-MA and Mu Performing Arts are excited to host taiko workshops with Eien Hunter-Ishikawa in February! Eien is a gifted musician, composer and taiko player who is a thorough and thoughtful teaching artist as well. He has learned from and performed with those on the leading edge of Japanese and Japanese-American/Canadian musicians and taiko players including On Ensemble. Eien will also be available for private and small group sessions. More info on Eien below.

REGISTRATION thru Mu Performing Arts here.

Small Drum Technique - Tues, Feb 14@6:30-8  pm; $45
This workshop will focus on playing smaller taiko with smaller bachi.  Improving small drum technique will strengthen your technique for percussion and larger drums.  Areas to be covered include stick selection, grip, rebound, dynamics, ji uchi (groove playing), and tempo control.  Ideas for practicing at home will be provided along with exercises to help play together in a group.  Please bring a pair of shimedaiko bachi.

Intermediate Shinobue - Tues, Feb 14@8:15-9:45 pm; $45
This workshop is for shinobue players with some experience on the instrument.  Basics will be reviewed, but most of the time will be spent on how to get to the next level.  Topics may include warm-up exercises, breath control, finger articulation, intonation, dynamics, improvisation, and non-traditional techniques such as tonguing and vibrato.  We will look at a variety of styles including folk melodies, Western songs, original compositions, and participant requests.  Please bring your shinobue and any music you might be working on.

Edo Bayashi Master Class - Wed, Feb 15@6:30-9 pm; $75
For anyone who has or is currently working on a part(s) of this music, Eien will share the knowledge and expertise gained from his study and mentorship with Kyosuke Suzuki, the leading proponent of the Wakayama style. Eien will be listening to, giving instruction, corrections and feedback to the Minnesota practice group in preparation for study with Suzuki Sensei in Minneapolis in August, 2017!

EIEN HUNTER-ISHIKAWA:  A great musician and equally great educator, Eien was born in Japan and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. His passion for drumming started at an early age through involvement in a youth taiko ensemble directed by Saburo Mochizuki, a founding member of Tokyo’s pioneering taiko ensemble Sukeroku Daiko.  He earned his Bachelor of Music Education at Central Michigan University, where he performed, recorded, and toured as a member of the Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble under the direction of the late Robert Hohner, and earned his Master of Music at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  During his time in Honolulu, Eien performed and toured extensively as a member of the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble throughout the United States and Europe and taught classes at the Taiko Center of the Pacific, a school of traditional and contemporary taiko.  He continues his studies of the traditional Japanese music forms Edo Bayashi (festival music of old Tokyo) and Edo Kotobuki Jishi (lion dance of old Tokyo) through master musician and dancer Kyosuke Suzuki.